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Rockingham Project

Billings Bridge is located south of the river near the bridge the neighborhood is named after, which became part of the city of Ottawa in 1950. The area, now an Ottawa neighborhood, is still referred to as Billings Bridge. The area is predominately residential, with many apartment buildings, attached and detached single-family residences. The City has designed the neighborhood to foster and promote compact, mixed-use, pedestrian-oriented development that provides access by foot, cycle, transit, and automobile.

“Proudly, our new property was published in the local newspaper with a warm and welcome comment”

The subject property is located in a high area along Rockingham Avenue, a local road located just off of Bank Street, a busy arterial Mainstreet. The address is within walking distance to grocery stores, restaurants, pubs, shopping, and plenty of entertainment. Public transportation is easily accessed on Bank Street with regular and express routes commuting daily. The subject property fronts multiple three-story multifamily properties. Located west of the subject property, there is an11 story multifamily property and to the east, there is another 3 story apartment building. The property benefits from good access and exposure and appears to be one of few new multifamily properties in the area. The downtown core can be reached in 15 minutes from the subject property.

The improvements to this Multi-Residential Low Rise were completed in 2016. The property represents very good quality construction in very good overall condition. Design and functionality are both commented as in a very good condition