Art Construction

7 Monk Project

Glebe Apartment Rental. 7 Monk was completed in 2017, located in The Glebe, offers 8 units for rental. Learn more and contact Art Construction.

The Glebe is a neighborhood in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It is located just south of Ottawa’s downtown area, with its northern border being demarcated by the Queensway highway. It is bounded by the Rideau Canal to the south and east. The Glebe has a strong community association which, in addition to running a large community center, lobbies the local government on issues such as traffic calming and neighborhood development. The Glebe is mostly populated by families; the area has many children, and consequently, its social services are oriented towards youth. It is also almost entirely anglophone. The Glebe lies in the federal riding of Ottawa Centre and the same provincial electoral district. The stretch of Bank Street that runs through the Glebe is one of Ottawa’s premier shopping areas, with many small stores and restaurants offering a wide variety of services. Much of the rest of the Glebe consists of detached homes, many of them constructed in the early 20th century.

“The property represents very good quality construction in very good overall condition.”

The property was completed construction in 2017. The property is in very good overall condition and free from any visible deferred maintenance that would significantly impact the property’s market value or its marketability. However, no building condition reports were provided to the writer. It is assumed herein that all mechanical equipment is in adequate working condition, has been maintained in a professional manner, and that no atypical capital expenses are required.