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High Quality Apartments at Affordable Prices

Looking for a stunning new apartment for you to start your next chapter? We pride ourselves in providing tenants with high quality apartments and amazing service while remaining at an affordable price.

Spacious Apartments

Have the space to live your life to the fullest every single day!

Convenient Locations

Be where the action is, and be where it makes your life easy!

Excellent Features

We pay attention to every detail to maximize your living experience!

You’ve come to the right place to find your dream apartment!

Why Choose Us?

We are of the strong belief that quality and trust are the most important factors in success. With over 20 years of experience, our diversified team aims to be the best customer-oriented property rental company. In other words, we insist on providing the best properties to meet client needs, while always remaining incredibly responsive and attentive to questions and recommendations. Check our property list and find the best one for you!

A Commitment To Quality

Our projects don't settle for average. We go above and beyond in ensuring that each unit is crafted with care.

Superior Customer Service

We're here for our tenants at all times. We're always helpful and very responsive when tenants are in need.

Find Your Dream Apartment!

Key Features

What makes our properties stand out from the crowd?

Neat Architecture

We focus on creating the most modern and neat architectural designs to fit into adorable neighbourhoods.

Professional Design

Take it easy and leave it to us! Every single design is done by the professionals and no more fears or troubles.

Top-Tier Quality

Robust quality management is critical to the overall success of a construction project and our clients.

Nice Neighborhood

Our construction projects are all situated in convenient epicentres that make the lives of tenants fun and easy.

Stunning Details

We sincerely care about all of the details and we believe that small details can make a big difference for tenants.

Convenient Amenities

Our buildings provide resources that our tenants love. We prioritize quality of life every step of the way.

Clients Love Us!

“I lived in one of the new buildings for almost 2 years, the detail is comparable to a top-notch condo. I received endless comments on how beautiful it was and people were shocked when I told them how affordable rent was. Glad to see more of these buildings!”


Ryan kublek

“I have nothing but good things to say about Art Properties. I love the location in the Glebe, the layout of my apartment, the finishes and all the amenities around here, thanks to Art Properties and Construction.”


Viridiana Mata

“Life here is so much easier and the apartment is well designed. I appreciate the work that Art Properties and Construction has put into this project.”


Kenn Hinde